Hello everyone!

As you know, there always has to be some dramatic plot happening in a Clan, or the roleplay usually isn't very fun. Here, members of SwiftClan can discuss a plot and go into great detail. You can even create a mini side-plot with just two or more characters.


Main Plot(s)

Currently none

Mini Plots That Involve the Whole Clan

SwiftClan is experiencing weather problems. At the moment, it's just a little rain, but it'll eventually be a full-blown, terrible storm. Things that will / can happen;
Cats may die, get lost, or get separated from the Clan.
Prey will be even harder to find than last leaf-fall / leaf-bare.
They may have to move to a more well-protected camp.
Rivers / lakes may flood.
What little trees we have may fall.

Mini Plots That Involve Certain Cats

Currently none

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