The projects are really inactive, so I've made this blog to try and make them active. =3

Character Art

If you're inactive here because you don't know how to make chararts, ask for a mentor and read this. If you have anymore questions, tell me!


This project is here to make sure all our character pages are up-to-date. If you think a page deserves the bronze, silver, or gold grade, nominate it!

Adopt A User

If you're new and need help, you should ask for a mentor. If meet the requirements and you want to help out, then ask to become a mentor. Our mentors can help you with coding, how the wiki works, chararts, and many other things!


Here, we make userboxes to use on your user page. If you join, you will become an apprentice with a mentor.

If you have any questions about the projects, or if you have a suggestion for a new project, please tell me in the comments! Anyways, I hope this blog helped the projects to become more active! =3

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