Since fanfictions are allowed (as long as its on your blog) and there currently aren't any, I decided to make a fanfic contest.

This is a short story contest and I will judge it by myself, unless someone else wants to help, though it you do decide to help me and you still write a story, you cannot vote for your own fanfic. You have until December 30th, and you must join no later than December 5th.
  1. Your story must be about Christmas
  2. It must be about love or death, or both
  3. There must be two characters named Snow and Rock (they can be a prefix)
  4. It must be atleast four chapters long

There will be only one winner, and they will get the following prizes:

You will get to chose one Clan I own (Besides WolfClan and RainClan x3), two characters I own, I will put your fanfic on my userpage and write a small review for it, and I will make two chararts for any characters you want.
Emberstar Heartbreak

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