Hi guys!

So I spent a good couple of hours today working on an update for the Wiki! Nothing too major, just a little change of scenery- a background update, and the main page has been fixed up and updated as well.


  • Grammatical errors on the main page have been fixed.
  • Updated the entire main page. Check out the new info.
  • Updated the Navigation Bar with the three top active Clans and added different cats to the Characters page.
  • Added in a Help section under the "Community" hover-over of the Navigation bar which includes how to join a Clan, how to make a Clan, and how to make a Character page. The home page has links to all of these.
  • Added in a Clan Page Layout page for those who are looking into creating Clans. Please make sure you go to the Help section to learn more about creating a Clan before you decide to make one.
  • Added a new poll on the main page that will allow you to decide if there should be a new writing event with art as a prize! :) Voting closes soon!

For you to vote on:

  • Should I start checking when someone was last active and begin either deleting their Clans or setting them up for adoption? There are a lot of inactive users, and I would like to begin cleaning up unused characters, clans, and everything else. Does it sound fair to y'all? How long should they be inactive before their Clans/cats go up for adoption?
  • Pathfinder event! Pathfinder is a little welcome page buddy that will be hosting writing events and soon, when I get off my butt and have the time to draw that much, be the information-giver on the Project, How-To Tutorials, and any other information-giving pages that aren't Clan or Cat pages... What do you guys think of them? I want to introduce him to y'all via writing event where you guys write about what you think Pathfinder is like, or have your cats interact with the ancient information-giver... And I'll draw you a cutie kitty as a prize for winning!

That's your 08.28.2016 update- keep an eye out for updates in the near future, and let me know if you think anything needs to be changed or altered.

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