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This Tribe is based off of the sky and it's mysteries! They live in a spacious ravine with a river flowing next to it, and many caves and cliffs for naturally mossy dens and grassy clearings all throughout the camp. A huge cleft is where the Starteller sleeps and gives their announcements.


  • Kits are named Half Moons (Apprentices) at 10 moons.
  • At 15 moons apprentices are named Full Moons. (Warriors)
  • Once a Starteller turns 35 moons, he or she is to pick a kit to train as the next Starteller.
  • At 50 moons, if the Starteller is still alive and has an apprentice, they may retire to a Full Moon or New Moon (Elders) rank.
  • Toms may only ask the she-cat to be their mate by taking them to the Pool of the Stars, and giving them a leaf from the special plant that grows there. If they accept, the she-cat will lay the leaf in the water- if not, they will cover the leaf with dirt from the sandy ground. The tom may not try again if the she-cat does not accept.
  • Before naming the kits, the Tribe leader, Starteller, will welcome them to the Tribe.
  • Our Healer is our Stupid medicine cat.


  • Fish (Common)
  • Eagles (Uncommon, Prey & Enemy)
  • Small birds (Common)
  • Rabbits (Very Rare, Only found in a cove that is about a day's travel there and back.)
  • Water Fowl (Common)
  • Voles (Uncommon)


  • Eagles (Common, Prey & Enemy)
  • Hawks (Semi-common, can be prstupid
  • Big Cats (Very Rare, cannot be killed easily)
  • Foxes (Semi-common)



Teller of the Stars - Starteller - Mate: None

He is a handsome, dark gray tom with a lighter muzzle, chest, belly and ears, and he has dark gray and white markings all over his pelt, and sharp orange eyes. He is kind hearted, sweet, but doesn't shy away from an arguement or a fight for what he thinks is right.


Night That Sparkles - Night - Mate: None