Thorn (WolfClan)
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Current: WolfClan
Past: Loner
Kit / Pup:
Lesser Wolf:
Head Guard:
Members: Unknown
Mentor(s): None
Apprentice(s): Whiskerpaw (deceased)
Residence: None
Role-Player: iʋყ ιт'ѕ α мeтαpнor ☁

Thorn is a huge, sandy-colored tom. He seems to tower over most of his clanmates, which just makes him seem even more intimidating. He's rather plain, just having one pelt color, but his black nose and pads and icy green eyes stand out. His shoulders are broad, and he's a muscular and powerful tom, which aided him in becoming alpha. He has long, muscular legs, and long claws he always keeps sharpened. Thorn is known as a powerful leader, and he's also rather harsh. He's extremely proud, and he makes sure his clan is disciplined. He takes his role very seriously, keeping his clan safe, but that doesn't mean he'll shy away from fighting or exiling. He actually often fights instead of talking, and he's won't shy away from exiling, or even killing, a wolf if need be. He lets his kinder side show sometimes, but it isn't that often. He takes advise from Bladeclaw, but he makes sure she and everyone else knows he's alpha. As a wolf, Thorn is a huge, muscular, typical white, gray, and somewhat black wolf. His paws are large and powerful, with tough black pads and claws. His eyes are still the same icy green.


Thorn was born to two unnamed loners, who named him Claw because of his fierce, prickly nature. Not much is known about his past, but he did have a brother, who was killed by coyotes. He also had a very strange ability to turn into a wolf, as did his mother. She refused to answer his questions, so he kept it a secret from everyone else, even his own father and brother.
When Claw was fully grown, he began traveling. He stumbled upon WolfClan territory by accident, and after realizing that they had his ability, he joined. He started as a lesser wolf, being renamed Thornstrike. He refused to be ordered around by others, so he fought battles with some of the highest ranking wolves, until he became the head guard. He was brave, fierce, and loyal, and he was rewarded when the current alpha at the time, Stream, made him her new beta. Not more than a few days later, she died in an accident involving a bear.
Thorn became the new alpha, chasing away the bear that killed Stream. First, he chose a she-cat known as Shell-leap to be his beta. After a few days, he realized that she was a threat to his leadership, and banished her. He chose Bladeclaw, his current beta, to replace her.
Thorn is still WolfClan's alpha to this day, and though he's young, he's proud of his fierce wolves, their feared reputation, and his fierce loyalty.