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Welcome to The Warrior Cats Role Play Wiki!
Welcome from our Founder!

Are you a fan of Erin Hunter's Warriors series? On this wiki, you can join some of our many Clans or Tribes, and create your very own cat! Also, if you're interested in helping out the wiki, feel free to join one of our projects!

All credit goes to Khevyel for the background.

News & Announcements
Please use the new character page layout (example) to update your character pages!
The wiki has received a makeover!
Most of the images on the wiki have been organized in categories. The main categories are Character Images and Personal Images.
The wiki has received a makeover!
300 pages! Everyone keep up the great work!
Featured Poll
What's your favorite eye color for your cats?

The poll was created at 01:24 on July 6, 2014, and so far 95 people voted.
Featured Roleplay Group
IgnisClan is a group of cats with amazing powers, who live in an unusual and mystical forest home. The Clan is proud and full of strong cats, ready to fight for their Clan! Read more abouthere!
Featured Quote
"She and Ivytrail are pretty much my only friends... and now she's hanging out with Smokescreen."
— Russetheart in the NightClan roleplay
Featured Article
Deerstar is a huge, tall, fleet-footed dusky brown tom with a short, stubby tail, long legs, and ice-green eyes. He is loyal, clever, and peaceful, and will protect his Clan to his last breath. He is TwolegClan's current leader, with Wolftalon serving as his deputy.

Read more about Deerstar here!

Wiki Friends
If you are a hard-working member of the wiki and would like your wiki to be one of our friends, please contact an admin. We are currently only accepting three wikis.
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