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In a place not unlike the Warriors world, IrisClan dwells. They do, however, still live in a very different, yet very similar, world. Twolegs became endangered long ago, and are so rare that they've become nothing but an old tale to us IrisClan cats, a story passed on from elder to kit. There's also one more detail that mustn't be forgotten; powers. Here, certain species have the ability to use powers they are simply born with. This includes cats, who have developed a unique way of being able to tell what that cat's power is.
This is where eye color comes in. The cat's eyes will usually show which power that cat possesses, which explains why eye color varies from a simple amber to a vibrant violet. However, every once in a while, a cat with gray eyes is born, which has no reflection on the cat's power. These cats are nothing special otherwise, but their eye color is quite a rarity.
Now, let's get into the differences between our world and the book's world. What I named above were just a few. The species who have powers includes cats (including all big cats), wolves, bears, and dogs. Since they all share the unique trait of having powers, they all tend to leave each other alone. The Twolegs, who are becoming extinct, only live in very small villages. Currently, no Twolegs live anywhere near IrisClan. There's also our ancestors, who, while they spend their afterlife in the stars, can come down and walk among us, but only when needed. Of course, no one can see them besides cats with the power to, and the medicine cats. Now, enough of my rambling. Let's continue onto the next subject.


Note that this plot won't start immediately; it needs a little time to develop first. However, try not to stray from the plot once it's begun, and don't add any new plots without discussing it with me first. If you can't find a place in the plot, tell me and we'll make one.
IrisClan hasn't been threatened by another group of cats since they were first founded, but they still aren't keen to welcome anyone. When a group of journeying cats who are seeking a new home decide to settle right next to IrisClan, Fallenstar and most of his warriors are outraged, but the journeying cats won't give up their new home easily. However, within the Clan, the lower warriors are tired of being disrespected, and they see these cats as their chance to change that. Cats who were once loyal to IrisClan are beginning to form an alliance with the loners. Some openly, others secretly. Tensions are growing, and the cats are on the verge of an all-out war.


Long ago, a group of cats first came to where IrisClan now resides. They were peaceful for many, many years, rarely fighting each other. However, they were not organized, like a true Clan should be. They had no laws to keep them in line, no leader guide them. A tribe of cats seeking a new home took advance of their weaknesses, mercilessly slaughtering many good cats. That's where my father, Dusk, came in. He became the unofficial leader of the cats, to help guide them through the terrible, long war. However, it wasn't meant to be. He wasn't the right cat to lead the group, so I, Flint, took over after his death. I organized the cats into a Clan, training them in battle until we defeated the tribe of cats. Everything was supposed to go back to normal afterwards, but every cat agreed that if they wanted to continue protecting our home, we must stay united, and under my leadership. Our fallen friends who now walk among the stars agreed, and also gave me nine lives so that I may serve my Clan for many moons. During my time, we developed many traditions and customs, and even more after my death, when Jaystar became the new leader. He has passed, and now Fallenstar rules over IrisClan, making sure no outsiders dare cross his Clan's territory.


None. If you're interested, we will need to work out certain details such as history and territory, and the powers must remain the same.



This is more of a reminder than a rule, but I wanted everyone to be aware that I will age every cat whenever there's a time skip in the roleplay (of course, depending on how long the time skip is).


Basically, don't join and never come back or rarely role-play, and we'll have no problem. If you do, your cats will be deleted or put up for adoption.


Do not create a perfect character. It's very easy to just forget to list a character's flaws, but I will check each forum to make sure they aren't perfect and that some flaws are listed.


Yes, I love drama in role-plays, but nothing major, such as a prophecy or attack, unless you've consulted me first. I want to work out the details and such before it starts.


IrisClan's territory is very... odd, compared to any land found in your world. They live in a rainforest, which is very warm and prey-rich during the warm seasons, but it gets slightly colder during the rainy moons, though, as you may have guessed, those moons are mainly rainy. If you travel East of the Clan's camp, you will come across a beach. This is no ordinary beach, but more will come on that later. If you go west of the camp, after about a day's worth of walking, you will find yourself at the bottom of the Spirit Mountain. To the north of the camp, a short distance from it, actually, is the Ancient Twoleg Settlement. Oh, I'm confusing you, aren't I? Well, I'll just have to take the time to individually explain the territory.
Rainforest ;;
The rainforest is lush and green, at least, during the warm moons. It's basically like a rainforest that would be found in Hawaii. While it's primarily covered in undergrowth and trees, there are some clearings where nothing but grass grows towards the northern border. This is the meadow.
Beach ;;
The beach is a very pretty, well, beach. The sand is very soft, though it can become very hot during the hottest moons. The water is pretty warm during the warm moons, but the colder, rainy moons, it becomes ice-cold. This beach may seem ordinary at first, but at night, you will see otherwise. During nighttime, the shoreline glows with beautiful blue and green little specks. Legend tells that these represent those who now live among the stars, and when a cat dies, a speck is added. There's actually a place similar to this beach in your world, but few know of it.
Spirit Mountain ;;
This huge mountain was named because of how high it reaches to the sky, so high that many claim it reaches all the way to StarClan's hunting grounds. It's actually not in the Clan's territory, in fact, it's rather far, but it holds some significance because Dusk was buried here, and medicine cats sometimes need to travel here for herbs. The mountain is covered in green grass, and it's very steep, which makes it extremely hard to climb.
Ancient Twoleg Settlement ;;
Just inside the cats' territory is the abandoned Twoleg settlement. It's very small, with only a few Twoleg houses made of large animal bones and their pelts. Many Twoleg things remain, such as baskets, Twoleg jewelry, and more. Actually, IrisClan was somewhat influenced by these remains. But, more on this will come later.
Spero Lake ;;
Close to the camp is a somewhat large, beautiful lake. It carries the hue of the sky and the green trees nearby. The lake is also the main source of water for the Clan, and it has an abundance of fish.
Horse Meadow ;;
Long ago, many Twolegs kept horses as pets, but when they became endangered, they escaped and began living in the wild. A herd of the horses' descendants can be found living at the meadow, usually grazing. Here, rabbits can sometimes be found as well.


The IrisClan camp is unusual, but then again, IrisClan isn't a usual Clan. The camp is enclosed in neat bushes that are covered with very pretty, bright reddish-pink flowers. They never become overgrown, thanks to the Earth cats. The clearing is covered in short grass, with some patches of bare dirt and some clumps of longer grass. Now, this is where the camp gets odd. Trees arch over the clearing, the leaves and branches almost completely blocking the sun. In the center of the camp there is a long branch that descends from the trees above, with vines winding around it. Most cats can easily climb up. Once you are up, then you'll see where we make our camp. The massive and thick branches basically make the floor of the camp, and the Earth cats have filled in any spaces in which a cat could fall. The Earth cats also made the dens, which are made up of branches, leaves, and mud.
Leader's den ;;
At the very back of the camp there is a massive, wide branch that rests horizontally. The Earth cats used their powers to create a hole big enough for a cat to get through, and hollowed out most of the inside.
Medicine Cats' den ;;
In the same branch as the leader's den, this den is pretty similar. However, inside, you will find four nests; two for the medicine cats, and two for their apprentices. The Earth cats hollowed out more of the branch for the medicine cats, but there is also a thick wall between their den and the leader's. At the very last nest, there are many deep indents in the wall where the herbs are stored. Right next to that wall is a curtain of vines. If you walk through, you'll come into a completely different area of the camp. It's got a floor made of thick branches, and many dens litter the area for the patients. On nice days, the Earth cats will come and open the up the thick leaves and branch that protect the area, but on bad days and every night, they close it up. There is also a dip in the ground made by the Earth cats, and the Water cats keep it full of water for the medicine cats' patients.
Councils' den ;;
This is called the councils' den, but the deputy sleeps here as well. This den is an overhanging branch with thick leaves. The ends were tied to the floor of the camp, and any openings besides the main one was patched up with mud and twigs. Inside is three nests; two for the council members, and one for the deputy.
Warriors' den ;;
The warriors' den is the largest. Formed by the Earth cats, it is a large, dome-shaped hut made of branches, twigs, mud, and leaves. Inside is many nests for all the warriors of the Clan.
Apprentices' den ;;
Basically an exact copy of the warriors' den, this was made by Earth cats as well. However, it is half the size of the warriors' den, with nests inside for the apprentices.
Nursery ;;
This den is an old, hollow log. It was found by Earth cats long ago, and cats with telekinesis powers moved it up to the camp. The Earth cats used their powers to bend it in the middle, forming a shape that made it fit against the camp's side perfectly. They also closed up both sides, and made an opening on the top of the den. This way, the queen can easily get out, but kits can only come out if they're big enough, or with the help of a queen. There's also another opening inside the den, that leads to the area where the medicine cats' patients are kept. Here, kits can safely play, without the worry of the falling.
Elders' den ;;
This den is very similar to the nursery, since it is a hollow log as well. However, it's very short compared to the nursery, with only about three dens. This is because elders aren't very common, and most of them enjoy sleeping in the area with the medicine cats' patients.
Storage ;;
The storage isn't a den, but a small clearing that can only be entered through a tunnel made by the Earth cats. Of course, it's floor is made of branches, and it's protected by a dome-shaped roof made of leaves, vines, and branches, which was also made by Earth cats. They also made shelves by forming branches. These shelves are where the Clan's accessories are kept, which is explained later.


There are many possible powers in this world. However, some are more common than others. In the Clan, there's also cats who have powerful powers and some who don't. Cats with the higher powers can become more than just warriors (leader, deputy, etc.), while the lower powers cannot.
Also, every cat may only have one power. The only exception is the leader, who, along with nine lives, is given one more power. This causes one of the leader's eyes to become the color of their new power.

Higher Powers

Morphing || violet eyes || rare
Cats with this power have the ability to morph into any living creature. They're extremely dangerous, since they are often used as spies. They can also somewhat communicate with the animals they turn into, but the other animal's speech is generally a little difficult to understand. When they're kits, they can usually only turn into small creatures, such as mice and squirrels. The more they progress, the bigger they can become.
Number of Cats :: 3/3 || Feather :: eagle feather
Telekinesis || yellow eyes || rare
These cats have the ability to move objects with their mind. Because of this, they're generally very good at focusing, rarely letting things distract them. They are also one of the few cats who craft things, such as headpieces for the important cats of the Clan and small baskets to carry water or herbs. As kits, they can move small objects, such as pebbles or twigs. As they get older, they will be able to move larger things.
Number of Cats :: 2/3 || Feather :: raven feather
Universal Communication || lavender eyes || very rare
These cats can communicate with all animals, Twolegs included. At first, they can only communicate with the smaller animals, such as mice and birds, but as they train, they begin to communicate with larger animals such as bears. This power is all too often considered a curse rather than a helpful power. When the cat communicate with animals such as mice, they have a hard time hunting. That's why they very rarely do, and instead focus on fighting. However, they are considered powerful, since they can convince other animals not to attack the Clan, or ask friends of a different species for help.
Number of Cats :: 0/2 || Feather :: hawk feather
NOTICE :: I'd rather not have a cat with the rarest power in the RP yet. Once this power becomes available, another important plot with be made for it.
Flight || amber eyes || uncommon
Cats with the power to fly come equipped with wings that grow from behind their shoulder blades. They are considered quite powerful because they also have the ability to turn into a bird, or an eagle, to be more specific. Excellent at hunting in their bird form and spying, these cats can also be good at fighting.
Number of Cats :: 2/5 || Feather :: toucan feather
Ice || ice-blue eyes || common
These cats, as you've probably already guessed, can control ice and snow. Since their power is considered extremely dangerous and beautiful, they specialize in fighting techniques, but they generally aren't too bad at hunting, either. As kits, they can simply summon little amounts of ice and snow, but as they get older, they begin to become capable of much more.
Number of Cats :: 1/12 || Feather :: macaw feather
Fire || crimson eyes || common
Cats with fire powers can control, well, fire. This isn't a great power to have when you live in a tree, but that's why these cats spend most of their time in the clearing or outside camp. Besides, if the tree were to catch fire (which it has before), then it can easily be put out by a fire or water cat.
Number of Cats :: 1/15 || Feather :: crow feather
Earth || light green eyes || common
Cats with this power can control many plants and rocks, however, this is a very hard power to master. They can generally move small pebbles at first, and then begin moving larger rocks. They cannot grow plants, but they can learn to move them.
Number of Cats :: 2/15 || Feather :: seagull feather

Lower Powers

Pelt Changing || white eyes || extremely common
Considered one of the most useless powers, along with air and emotions, these cats aren't usually very respected. They can simply change the color of their pelt to anything, even pink, however, they have been banned from changing it to colors that stand out too much, since they can easily be spotted. This power doesn't change anything else about the cat, such as scent, or it would be considered a higher power. They can also change the color of others pelts, but this takes great concentration from both cats.
Number of Cats :: Unlimited || Feather :: none
Air || dark blue eyes || extremely common
As you probably guessed, these cats can control the air. Considered very weak, these cats don't generally specialize in fighting, but chasing the few rabbits found here.
Number of Cats :: Unlimited || Feather :: none
Emotions || golden eyes || extremely common
Like the cats who can change their pelts, these cats may as well be powerless in the eyes of many. They can feel others emotions, but they can choose to block them out as well. However, when a cat is resisting, even the most powerful cat can rarely feel their emotions.
Number of Cats :: Unlimited || Feather :: none
Water || sapphire-blue eyes || common
Water cats aren't viewed as useless as others, but they still aren't really considered powerful, either. They can, of course, control water, though they can't create it. They can simply summon it from nearby sources, which is why they generally spend their time on he beach.
Number of Cats :: 3/15 || Feather :: none
Light || white eyes || common
Cats with this power can make light appear in certain places, though it must be drawn from a source, as they cannot simply make it. Light cats bend the light to their will, and they often use light to momentarily blind cats they're fighting. Usually, they also have a strong dislike of the night.
Number of Cats :: 1/15 || Feather :: none
Dark || black eyes || semi - common
These cats are more powerful than your average lower power. They can bend the darkness and shadows to their will, which is why they love the night. Often times, they can disguise themselves in shadows, so long as it's dark, or otherwise it will simply look like a dark cat-shaped shadow walking around.
Number of Cats :: 1/10 || Feather :: none
Lightning || black-and-white mixed eyes || semi-common
Possibly the most powerful lower power, cats with lightning can summon certain amounts of lightning, used to shock a cat, but rarely enough to kill them. The only reason this isn't a higher power? It's an extremely hard power to master, to the point where many never do.
Number of Cats :: 0/10 || Feather :: none

Other Information


Lavender :: Lavender does grow here, as it was brought here long ago by Twolegs, but only in very sheltered areas, where the rain doesn't reach. Which is why, during the rainy moons, lavender becomes extremely rare. Lavender is used for several reasons. It can be used to cure chills and relax cats. Usually, the medicine cat with have a water and fire cat warm up some water, and then place it in a wooden bowl made by earth cats. Then, the lavender, honey, and hibiscus petals will be added. This will calm the cat, soothe their throat, and help cure a fever or chill.
Candlenut Tree :: The tree grows just inside Clan territory, near the mountain. The tree itself is not an herb, but the nuts that grow on it. With the help of a fire and water cat, the water cat will hold a bunch of water with the nuts above the fire cat's fire, and cook the nuts until they soften up. They will then be mashed up in a bowl by the medicine cat, and added to the warm water. Then they'll be used to used to help a cat with a stomachache. Honey or hibiscus petal may be added to help with the taste, especially with kits.
Hibiscus :: The hibiscus is used to enhance the taste of other herbs and help give a cat some strength. Many cats report feeling fresh and awake after eating a hibiscus.
Chamomile :: Like lavender, chamomile was brought here by Twolegs long ago. If prepared with hot water and a hibiscus, chamomile can have a calming effect. However, it's also good for toothaches and burns.
Coltsfoot :: This herb grows near the lake, and some fresh water streams found in the territory. It can be chewed and given to kits with kitten cough, or heal sore pads.
Dock :: Since this herb grows well in leafy areas, it grows deep in the jungle. It can soothe minor cuts and cracked pads.


You may have noticed that each higher power has a certain feather assigned to them, while the lower powers do not. That's because if you're an important rank within the Clan, which includes the leader, deputy, medicine cats, and council, you get a headpiece. The headpieces are made by cats with Earth powers and cats with Telekinesis powers. The Earth cats take a large piece of bark, and fit it onto the chosen cat's head, making sure it fits properly and stays on the cat's head. The Telekinesis cats then take the feathers (the first, front feather is the cat's power, and the rest are random feathers), and use any sticky substance they can find to keep the feathers standing on the bark. Headpieces are only worn for ceremonies or special occasions.
There are also other accessories that cats can choose to wear. Some cats use their powers, like, for example, ice cats. They aren't bothered by the cold, so they sometimes use their power to create an accessory made of ice. Necklaces made of ice are extremely common among she-cats. So are flowers made of ice that she-cats wear in their ear.
This is not an accessory, but baskets made of strong grass and twigs are created by cats with telekinesis, and they are used to carry prey, herbs, feathers, and sometimes water. Ice cats also make baskets made of ice, but only for their use.

IrisClan's Code

The code is to be followed, or banishment is very likely. I myself started the code to keep the Clan in check, and my successors added to it.
1. Kits must begin training at five moons, when they can handle the beginning of the training.
2. The Clan leader's word is to be obeyed over all else.
3. The medicine cats may not take mates, unless they take each other as a mate. Medicine cats must also always be one male, one female, to keep the male to female ratio fairly even in the leads.
4. In addition, the council members must be the opposite gender as well.
5. Each cats loyalty is to the Clan, and no one else. While mates from outside the Clan is allowed, IrisClan is more important.
6. The deputy must have mentored at least one apprentice, and that apprentice must have lived to be a successful warrior.
7. New warriors must hunt two pieces of prey and present it to their leader and former mentor, as a way of showing that they are ready to take on the task of being a warrior, and showing both cats respect.
8. The deputy is always to become leader after the former leader dies. The only exception is if the deputy is challenged, and the cat who challenged the deputy must have over half the Clan's support to become the new leader.
9. Cats may only mentor up to two apprentices at a time, and mentor and apprentice must have the same power.

Other Animals

In your world, all these animals may not exist all in one place, but here they do, partly because of Twolegs bringing them here long ago. Of course, they, very slightly, have changed, in order to adapt to their knew home, but it's barley noticeable. Predators include the rare wolf, common mongoose (known to steal kits), very rare shark, uncommon Hawaiian Monk Seal (sometimes wanders onto the beach), and the semi - common wild boar. Prey animals includes fish, mice, the occasional rat, and smaller birds. Animals that are not eaten but don't really pose a threat to the cats if left alone includes seagulls, toucans, horses, deer, cows (who were once farmed by Twolegs), and goats.

Seasons & Weather

New Leaf (called New Leaf because of all the growth the rainforest gets after rainy moons)
Green Leaf (hottest moons, but rainforest is very green)
Rain Fall (it's still fairly warm, but it rains frequently)
Cold Rain (it's colder, and the rain almost never stops)
It's currently the middle of Green Leaf, so while it's pretty humid, prey is good, especially fishing. Herbs are abundant, and the medicine cats are gathering herbs they know are rare in the rainy moons.

Naming System

The naming system is slightly different than a normal Clan's. They are named like the ancients. For example, Stone Dust, but if a cat becomes leader, their name becomes one, and ends in 'star' rather than their original suffix, to signify that they were accept by and are united with StarClan. If the cat has a name such as Raven's Feather, instead of Raven'sstar, they become Ravenstar.


Leader ::

Fallenstar || Male || 27 moons || Morphing & Telekinesis || Nine Lives
Indeed, Fallenstar is a rather odd name. His mother named him Fallen Leaf for the freshly fallen leaves outside, in honor of his pelt color. Now, let's focus on his physical description. His pelt is a pretty mixture of orange, brown, and many other shades in between. Many call this muscular, broad-shouldered tom handsome, and he's captured the heart of quite a few she-cats. Along with his broad shoulders is his broad head, and needless to say, Fallenstar is quite large. As for his personality, well, he's always been ambitious, as well as somewhat strict. He keeps his Clan in line, and tolerates no disrespect, especially from the lower powered cats, who he doesn't exactly respect like his higher powered cats. He makes sure everyone knows their place, from his deputy to the eldest elder. Fallenstar was born with the power to morph, and by now, he's become quite skilled. With an uncommon power and his fighting skills, no cats were surprised when he was named deputy. His favorite animals to turn into includes eagles and bears. He chose Telekinesis as his other power, making one eye yellow and another violet. As for his family, his father and brother are still with the Clan. Stone Dust is his father, Frozen Dawn is his mother, and Striped Ear is his brother, but his mother died a few moons ago. He never had a good relationship with his father, seeing as extremely weak because of his low power, and he feels ashamed to be related to him. (Ivy)

Deputy ::

Do not ask for this position. I will role-play Fallenstar appointing a deputy shortly after the role-play has started.

Medicine Cats ::

Ocean Breeze || Female || 30 moons || Earth
It seems a little odd, an Earth cat with a name like Ocean Breeze. But, you can't blame her deceased mother, who named her for her fur color. Her pelt is a pretty blue-gray, but more blue than gray. It's a plain pelt, but not so ordinary to the point where it's terribly boring. Her almond-shaped eyes are, of course, light green. Though it seems like she's wearing eyeliner, since they are completed with a black outlining. Ever the patient one, Ocean Breeze loves her job, and she uses her power to help injured cats. For example, if a cat broke their leg, she could take a piece of bark and fit it onto their leg, morphing it so that it fit just right. She also supplies the den with bowls made of wood, as well as a thick, short stick to help mix herbs. However, despite her caring nature, Ocean Breeze doesn't want kits, as she knows they'd take up too much of her time when she could be healing a sick cat. Her mother is dead, and her father was passing loner she never met, so she has no living family within the Clan. (Ivy)
Swaying Leaves || Male || 30 moons || Earth
Swaying Leaves is an average-sized, neither slender nor large brown tom with no markings apart from one white paw and light green eyes. Ordinary is the first word that comes into mind when seeing him for the first time - dull brown pelt, no extraordinary markings, same light green eyes that are associated with earth power cats. Once you meet him and converse with him, however, you'll see that this cat has a lot of personality. Funny, witty, and kind, most cats can't help but like him as soon as they meet him. He's always ready to help a cat in need and can concoct the most wild poultices that will heal a sick cat. He rarely raises his voice and is caring to every cat who comes across him, lest they give him a clear reason to dislike them. Of the pair of medicine cats, he's usually the one who whips up the most unlikely herbs for patients. (Ember)

Medicine Cat Apprentices ::

Glistening Dew || Female || 17 moons || Ice
While Glistening Dew is an ice cat, she doesn't share the normally pure-white pelt that most Ice cats do; she has a beautiful white pelt that has light, very thin, dusky gray-brown tabby stripes through it. Her ice-blue eyes are of the normal for an Ice cat, being framed by darker brown-gray markings that highlight them on her delicate face. She is thin, and rather small, but what she lacks in size, she makes up for in wit and intelligence Glistening Dew isn't one to fight, but when she does, she tries her best- she's chosen to be a medicine cat rather than a warrior, finding this a better way to serve her Clan. She's an honest, hard working cat, with a fierce dedication to her Clan that is hard to match. Glistening Dew's father is Dark Shadows. (Prowllu)
Tom needed.

Council ::

Glinting Claws || Male || 35 moons || Ice
Glinting Claws has a rather unfortunate name, as does his sister War Cry. Their parents obviously weren't the most peaceful, but they were in the middle of battle against foxes, too. His pelt is a dull, dusty gray color, with the faintest hint of blue. His fur is on the longer side, and his tail is very long and feathery. While his pelt is very plain, his eyes are a bright, startling icy blue, thanks to his ice powers. While he's usually in a decent mood - not extremely happy but not angry - he has a bad temper if something's upset him. Generally he's loyal to whoever is in charge, but he's power-hungry. If a cat were to promise him more power, he'd take it in a heartbeat, even if it meant betraying his Clan. With a name like his, it's no surprise that he and his sister both excelled in fighting, but they were given mentors who were skilled fighters. His fighting skills and his intelligence are what lead to him becoming a council member. (Ivy)
Morning's Breeze || Female || 27 moons || Telekinesis
Morning's Breeze is a very pretty, long-legged and slender mottled white-gray she-cat with multiple shades of blue-gray patches all around her pelt, with black tabby stripes on her face, legs, and tail. Her eyes are bright yellow, which represent her powers of Telekinesis. She's highly skilled with her powers, which she has practiced for many moons since she was a kit to perfect, along with her battle moves. Morning's Breeze is graceful and silent, with a keen eye to detail and when she speaks, it's with dignity and regality- a harsh tone that is commanding and watchful. She's very ambitious, with a sharp mind and a goal to get what she wants, through any way she sees fit, though she hides it through a facade of harsh loyalty. (Prowllu)

Higher Warriors ::

Striped Ear || Male || 27 moons || Flight
As you might've guessed, Striped Ear is a tabby. His fur is a silvery-white color, and his stripes are a very dark, midnight-black. They are fairly thin, but on his ears, his stripes are thick and distinct. As for his build, Striped Ear greatly resembled his brother, having broad shoulders, and he's muscular. His wings are just like his pelt, and his eagle form looks just like your average bald eagle. Slightly arrogant, Striped Ear knows he's a good fighter, and he takes great pride in it. He is proud to call his brother the Clan leader, but he's also jealous, which makes him somewhat bitter towards the tom. Being a flirt, he enjoys telling jokes, and he's captured the heart of some she-cats, Wind Chaser included, but he would honestly never consider taking a lower cat as a mate, though he does flirt with some. A somewhat arrogant flirt is really the best way to describe Striped Ear's personality. (Ivy)
War Cry || Female || 35 moons || Fire
This she-cat certainly fits her name. Her pelt is a light, reddish-brown color, with little flecks of darker color. Her pelt greatly resembles that of an Abyssinian's, and her somewhat tall ears make her look even more like one. Her build is slender and lean, as well as strong, which aides her in battle. Her long legs make her fast, and overall, she is a rather skilled fighter and hunter, though a much better fighter. Her name has influenced her personality, and she shows no mercy in battle, going so far as to kill, since the code does not forbid it. She can't stand stupidity, or kits, which is why she'd never have any, and if she did, she certainly wouldn't be the best mother. However, she is intelligent, though she sometimes lets her anger cloud her judgment. (Ivy)
Cloud's Shadow || Male || 27 moons || Telekinesis
Cloud's Shadow is a tall, muscular darkish brown tom with streaks of lighter brown along his pelt, dark brown paws, a white underbelly, a patch of black on his chest, and yellow eyes. Selfless, sweet, and intelligent, Cloud's Shadow is always there in times of need. He's amazing at battle strategy and fighting, but his hunting is so-so. He never believes he's good enough for praise that's given to him, however, and he'll often dismiss it. He isn't very vocal about his opinions either, so if you insult him or make fun of him, he'll just give you a glare. He never becomes close to other cats as well, and the only other cat who really knows him is his own brother. The two are very close, and Cloud's Shadow would give his life in a heartbeat for him, and vice versa. His telekinesis powers are quite rare, and he doesn't use it all that much except for mundane activities, like bringing a piece of prey to where he's sitting or rearranging a nest. He is a very large cat, too, so others may tease him about his size. He doesn't mind that, though. (Ember)
Quick Mongoose || Female || 40 moons || Ice
Quick Mongoose always stands tall, which isn't hard, since she has long legs. With her head held high and being naturally taller than some of her Clanmates, many assume that Quick Mongoose is stuck up and mean, and her commanding aura doesn't help. However, if you take the time to get to know her, she's actually pretty kind and intelligent, though despite her usual kindness, she doesn't think much of the lower cats, mainly because she was taught to do so since kithood. Her loyalty is to her leader, but she does speak her mind if she feels she needs to. Quick Mongoose's pelt is a chocolate brown color, which fades to a light brown on her muzzle, chest, and belly. Her eyes are round and wide, and, of course, the usual icy blue. As for accessories, she does wear an ice necklace. It was one just like what her mother used to wear, though her mother's was made of bark. Quick Mongoose's name is quite cruel, though her mother didn't know it would happen when she named her. Her brother, Dark Cloud, was taken by a mongoose as a young kit, and tired to take her before running away. That's why she has some scars on her pelt, though they're hidden by her fur. (Ivy)
Tiger's Roar|| Male || 40 moons || Morphing || Leopard's Leap (mate)
Tiger's Roar is a large, slender, long-legged tom with a golden-brown pelt and jet black stripes piercing through his fur. And of course his eyes are the violet color of the Morphing Power Cats. He is a natural leader, strong, caring. His only major flaw is that he cannot hunt. He has never caught a mouse or any animal in his life. His mentor never really cared enough to teach him. Tiger's Roar is normally just called by the beginning of his name, Tiger, as he always asks his clan-mates to call him that if they don't. He is mostly a trickster, he uses his power to play games with his clan-mates a lot. As an apprentice he'd take the game 'Mouse' or 'Rabbit' seriously and morph into one of those creatures. He normally morphs into a tiger, his name explains that well. He agrees with Leopard's Leap's 'Lower Powered Cats should get more respect' rant, which she does A LOT, but thinks she complains a little too much about it. He often helps her practice her powers. (Night)

Lower Warriors ::

Wind Chaser || Female || 20 moons || Air
Wind Chaser is one of the youngest warriors, fresh out of apprenticeship, which was delayed due to a broken leg. Her fur is a soft brown color, with dapples of lighter and darker brown mixed in. As is expected, her build is lean, her frame is light, and her legs are long, all of which make her a good runner and rabbit hunter. She can also be considered pretty by some, and she might be more widely liked by toms, if it weren't for her lower power, since so many cats don't like taking mates that are lower in power. Ever the cheerful one, Wind Chaser is generally friendly to everyone, and optimistic. She is a decent fighter, but her hunting skills are much better, especially in the open space. She has a crush on Striped Ear, but she doesn't really expect him to like her back, with her lower power. (Ivy)
Shining River || Male || 31 moons || Water
Shining River is a tall, handsome glossy dusky brown tom with highlights of slightly darker brown on his fluffy coat, white paws, a pink nose, and stunning sapphire blue eyes. Charismatic, loud, and resourceful, Shining River is a tom who's always up for something new and exciting. At the same time, he can be very lazy and gluttonous. His large appetite makes him an excellent hunter, because he's so eager for food to be on the fresh-kill pile. While he's not the cat to initially come to for advice, if you do ask him, you won't regret it. His natural charisma makes him very good at persuasion, and you won't even notice to what you've agreed to after he's done; he does it very subtly. His water powers are quite a sight, as he can make designs in the air and bring a moss full of it to camp from a river tree-lengths away. He's the older brother of Cloud's Shadow, and would do anything to protect him. The two are often seen together or with Cass. Although he is the older brother, he sometimes feels inferior because Cloud's Shadow has a more prestigious power than him. (Ember)
Stone Dust || Male || 49 moons || Water || Frozen Dawn (former mate)
Stone Dust is the father of Fallenstar and Striped Ear, but he was never a good father, and they are disgusted that he is a lower warrior. He simply didn't know how to act like a father, but it wouldn't have mattered anyways, because his sons never liked the fact that he was a lower cat, and their disgust only grew as they got older. Now, Fallenstar won't even say who his father is, but Striped Ear is openly aggressive towards him. But, Stone Dust isn't really a cat you can feel sorry for. He is constantly in a bad mood, and many are puzzled at how Frozen Dawn could like him, which is why it came as no surprise when she broke up with him. He doesn't keep his opinion to hisself, being brutally honest, no matter whose feelings he hurts. Despite his personality, Stone Dust is surprisingly handsome, and once upon a time, when he had a better personality, he had a fair amount of she-cats interested in him. His fur is a glossy black, and he has patches of gray and a dusky brown, as well as thick fur. (Ivy)
Ember's Gleam || Female || 25 moons || Light
Ember's Gleam is a tall, slender, light gray tabby with darker gray stripes, a white underbelly, white ear tips with the left ear tip bitten off, a feathery tail, and white eyes. She may seem unsettling at first glance; her white eyes make it a bit uncomfortable to look her straight in the eye. As a result, she is reserved, shy, and quiet. She only speaks when needed and despises being the center of attention. Her missing ear tip comes from when she was a kit and tried to take on a fox by herself; she narrowly escaped with her life and lost the tip of her ear. She is quite skilled at using her light to distract others or to simply play around, and is a valuable asset to any battle patrol, especially if it's a sunny day. She usually keeps to herself, and if you try to engage in conversation with her, she'll respond, but with nods and shakes of her head. She can actually be very sweet and caring if she wants to be, but that side isn't shown often, as she doesn't have many friends. She likes talking to Cloud's Shadow and Glistening Dew, however. (Ember)
Leopard's Leap || Female || 39 moons || Pelt Changing || Tiger's Roar (mate)
Leopard's Leap is a semi-large she-cat with leopard-like spots and the normal white eyes of a Pelt Changing Cat. She is almost like a normal cat, except she is a mix between an unknown breed and a Serval, giving her the unnatural fur pattern and larger size. She is an extremely good huntress, and an a somewhat good fighter but she isn't that 'into' it. She's rather talk out problems than fight. She often thinks of her relationship with Tiger's Roar as 'forbidden' but continues to love him and being around him. She'd rather not think about having kits yet, as she believes she's of more use to her clan. She believes Lower Powered cats should get more respect, she has Tiger's Roar agreement on that. (Night)
Dark Shadows || Male || 78 moons || Dark
Dark Shadows was named for his dark eyes and his powers, which are very distinct against his thick dusky, light gray-brown tabby pelt. He is large, bulky and muscular, and even in his older age, he's still spry. He looks like he's pretty grumpy all the time due to his generally dark expression. Despite his outward appearance, Dark Shadows is loving and warm to every one of his Clanmates, always there to offer some advice to them whether they want it or not. He's great at stealthy operations, but when it comes down to hunting, he's rather clumsy if he doesn't use his powers. Dark Shadows is the father of Glistening Dew. (Prowllu)
Floating Petals || Female || 32 moons || Water

Floating Petals is a pretty, creamy gray she-cat with bright, sapphire-blue eyes and darker dapples of gray on her fur. While she looks the part of a very small, weak cat, Floating Petal is quite the opposite; she's strong willed and feisty at times, but has a heart of gold and a happy, warm attitude. She has worked hard to hone her water powers, and when she's not working for the Clan, she's practicing near a water source. Floating Petals was named after a flower petal fell on a puddle- she was the only one out of her litter that had survived a very bad flood. Her mother was a loner, and a former Clan member; Floating Petals was brought to the Clan and left to grow into a strong warrior. (Prowllu)

Apprentices ::

Cass || Male || 30 moons || Flight
Cass is an average-sized black-gray tom with a dusky brown underbelly, a pale brown tip of tail, and amber eyes. Cass was originally a loner before he joined IrisClan; however, his mother died when he was at such a young age that when another loner found him and asked him his name, he could only remember his mother's, and so responded, "Cass." Cass is quite a serious cat; he rarely laughs and his tail is usually level or dragging on the ground. He doesn't not speak often, though, he'll respond when spoken to and talk to others, although it will always be about a situation at hand, and he's not very good at small talk. He tends to take things seriously, so he doesn't understand jokes all that well, which makes it hard to be loose around him. Although he is a 30-moon-year-old cat, he is apprenticed to Striped Ear to learn the ways of IrisClan, for he was found only recently wandering the borders of the Clan's territory. He has pure black, large, scruffy wings that either remain folded at his side or partially unfolded; his mother used to be a part of IrisClan before she left because she preferred the loner life. He is seen either by himself or with Cloud's Shadow and Shining River; he took a liking to the brothers when he joined the Clan. (Ember)
Shifting Pebbles || Male || 6 moons || Morphing
Shifting Pebbles is a usual Clan apprentice; he enjoys fighting, hunting and learning about the Clan. Shifting Pebble's pelt is dark brown, with thick tabby stripes. He has white accents on his feet, around his eyes and on his tail tip, however. His bright, electric violet eyes stick out against his dark pelt very easily, and signal his powers of morphing. Shifting Pebbles is close with his mentor, Fallenstar; the young tom dotes on the older, and he's grown rather attatched to his mentor. Shifting Pebbles is easy going, bold and charismatic, and respects his elders; he aims to be like his leader when he grows up, and maybe one day become deputy. (Prowllu)

Queens ::


Kits ::


Elders ::

Hidden Sight || Female || 9 moons || Ice
Hidden Sight's name is rather ironic. She has sightless, icy blue eyes, but she's also very insightful, hence the name Hidden Sight. She greatly resembles a lioness, in fur color and build. Her body is long, while her legs are just under the average length. She has a broad head and shoulders, as well as powerful shoulder muscles. This is because, although she is blind, she isn't entirely helpless. Ocean Breeze understands that if she were to be attacked, she would need as much strength as possible, which is why the medicine cat makes her do some difficult exercises daily. She has a light, sandy-colored pelt, which is thick and short. Hidden Sight is, as it has already been established, insightful, as well as pretty caring when she wants to be. She occasionally makes sarcastic comments, though she never really means to hurt someone's feelings. This she-cat wasn't born blind. She born perfectly healthy, but not into the Clan. She was born into a group of traveling cats, with a history almost as ancient as IrisClan's. Her group had strict rules, all of which helped insure that the strongest cats stayed in the group, to ensure it's survival. One rule was that, if a cat becomes permanently disabled to where they cannot carry out their duties, they are to be cast out. Hidden Sight, then Sandy, became because of an illness and was cast out, until Fallenstar, then Fallen Leaf, found her. He took her in and became like a father to her, since her real father died before she was born. Today, they maintain a close bond. Despite her leader's disgust for weak cats, for some reason, he has a soft spot for her. (Ivy)

Cats Outside the Clan

Note that there are no regulations for the amount of cats with certain powers outside the Clan. I just didn't want too many in the Clan, but try and keep it even, 'kay? I don't want a ton of rare powers, and Universal Speech is still off limits at the moment.
Please also specify if they are part of Sun's Eclipse's group or if they're just a lone rogue.

Rogues ::

Sun's Eclipse || Female || 40 moons || Fire
Sun's Eclipse is a long-legged, slim but strong she-cat with glossy jet-black fur, a cinder-gray underbelly and tips of ears, a feathery tail, and piercing crimson eyes. A natural-born leader and hunter, she is a calm, commanding figure that inspires awe and commands respect wherever she goes. Although she gives off this aura, she isn't arrogant or egotistical, and will mingle with her fellow rogues as an equal. When she found out about the other cats living in the vicinity, she reacted with surprise, but she was willing to negotiate with them to create a haven where all cats could live in harmony. She's truly kind and caring towards her followers, but if she comes across other cats she doesn't know, her initial behavior will be cautious and slightly cold. Her brother was Seagull Feather, and when he died, Sun's Eclipse went into shock, for she loved her brother dearly. Eventually, she realized that she was the right choice to lead the band of rogues, and took up the position with honor. (Ember)
Avian || Male || 28 moons || Flight
Avian is a rather fitting name, since he does have the power of flight. This tom looks at least half Siamese, which is possible since the few Twolegs left still keep purebred cats as pets, though unlikely since Twolegs don't live anywhere near here. His muzzle is long, his facial features are sharp, and his long face is completed with almond-shaped, bright amber eyes. Some may call him handsome, while others may not. His build is lean and lanky, and he has long, strong legs. His pelt is a soft gray tabby color, and his look is completed with feathery wings that are usually kept folded at his side. Avian is the second-in-command, helping Sun's Eclipse to lead the rogues. He is generally very persuasive, using his clam and confident nature to make everyone else believe he knows what he's doing, even if he doesn't. He holds grudges for a long time, which is why he isn't exactly quick to forgive any Clan cats. Avian will do whatever it takes to make sure the rogues have a safe home, even if it mean kill, which he'd do in a heartbeat if it meant his cats would be safe. (Ivy)

Loners ::



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Fallenstar whipped his head around as a huge waved crashed into the shore, his pink tounge flashing out as he yawned. He could feel some water from the wave hit his pelt from where he sat atop a smooth rock. A moment later, the water seeping through his fur forced him awake, so he sat upward and gazed around the beach. Every once in a while, the entire Clan gathered at the beach in the morning before the day's duties to relax, though they often gathered here at sunset. This, of course, was one of those special occasions, and as he watched his Clan share tongues or doze, he raised a hind leg to scratch behind his ear. Realizing that the sun was climbing higher and higher in the sky, he leapt off the rock and padded over to where Glinting Claws, Morning's Breeze, War Cry, and Shining River sat. He still wasn't used to taking over deputy duties, and he felt a pang of grief as he remembered his former deputy, Seagull's Feather. "I want you two," he meowed, gesturing with his tail toward Glinting Claws and Morning Breeze, "to each take a hunting patrol out. War Cry, you'll lead a border patrol near the Twoleg Settlement with Shining River and two other cats," he finished, his tiredness forgotten. --iʋყ ιт'ѕ α мeтαpнor ☁ 01:32, July 13, 2014 (UTC)

Shining River nodded. "Sure thing, Fallenstar." To War Cry, he asked, "Who d'ya want to come along? I can ask Cloud's Shadow if he's up to it." Ember the TitanMy guardian angel wears a trench coat 18:54, July 13, 2014 (UTC)

War Cry flicked her ear, the way she always did when she was annoyed. What good would a water cat be on patrol? They should stick to fishing, the one thing they're decent at. After a moment's pause, she nodded. "Tell Striped Ear, too, and he can bring Cass if he wants," she meowed, making sure to name another cat with a higher power. One low-powered cat is enough. ~~ "I'm taking a border patrol, and I'd like at least one other higher powered cat on it. You can take Striped Ear, and I'll take Cass," Fallenstar said. ~~ Striped Ear, who had just caught an unlucky fish who strayed too close to the shore, pricked his ears as he heard his name. Bounding over, he dropped the gray fish at his paws. "Did I hear my name?" he asked. Before Fallenstar had a chance to reply, War Cry answered, "I'm lead a patrol with you, Shining River, and Cloud's Shadow," she said, making sure to mention that she was leading the patrol. Nodding, Striped Ear meowed, "Let me just run - or should I say fly - this back to camp." Without waiting for an answer, he turned into his usual eagle form, gripping the fish tightly with his talons as he flew off in the direction of the camp. (Sorry for making you guys read that incredibly long, boring post x3) --iʋყ ιт'ѕ α мeтαpнor ☁ 20:59, July 13, 2014 (UTC)

(Ha, no problem, I love lots of things going on in the RP :D)

Shining River tilted his head, recognizing the annoyed ear flick. "Yeah, no problem. I'll get him." He bounded away to where his brother was napping, and swiped his face to wake him up. "Hey!" Cloud's Shadow spluttered, and shook his head quickly. "What the heck was that for?" "You're going on a border patrol with me, War Cry, and Striped Ear. Apparently, they want a higher-powered cat," he spat, one ear folding back. Cloud's Shadow sighed and got to his paws. "Alright. Let's go, then." "Oh, and also, let's get Cass, 'cause he's going to go on a patrol with Fallenstar." ~~ Cass was quietly eating a squirrel by the shore, enjoying watching the sparkling waves lapping up near his paws.  A shadow crossed over his food, and he looked up to see Shining River and Cloud's Shadow standing over him. "Fallenstar wants you for a patrol," Shining River told him. Cass nodded and stood up. "I'll be right over." He then proceeded to leave his half-eaten squirrel on the ground and walk over to his leader. Shining River and Cloud's Shadow gazed after him incredulously. "You're just going to leave this here?" Shining River shouted. Cass gave no sign that he'd heard and continued walking. Ember the TitanMy guardian angel wears a trench coat 00:32, July 14, 2014 (UTC)

War Cry stood up as both Cloud's Shadow and Striped Ear arrived. "Let's go," she said impatiently, turning away and slowly walking in the direction of the jungle. Striped Ear, now in his cat form, followed close behind. "I can look out for danger while I fly," the silver tom pointed out. It wasn't unusual for a winged cat to fly above their patrol, watching out for any dangers.

Fallenstar flicked his tail, turning to Glinting Claws. "You organize the rest of the patrols, and then you can go," he meowed, craning his neck to look at Cass as the tom arrived. "I need you for a border patrol. Tell Leopard's Leap and someone else to come as well." (I feel like once Fallenstar's patrol finds a patrol of the rogues (they can be scouting the area for other cats or a good territory to settle in), they could end up fighting and a Clan cat could accidentally die. IrisClan can assume it was on purpose, and that'd give them more of a reason to fight.)

Glinting Claws slunk away, his piercing blue eyes scanning the groups of cats. Padding over to the nearest group, which consisted of Tiger's Roar, Ocean Breeze, Stone Dust, and Quick Mongoose, he stopped right in front of Quick Mongoose. "I've been put in charge of the deputy duties," he meowed, instinctively puffing out his chest a little, "I'd like Quick Mongoose to lead a hunting patrol with Stone Dust and Tiger's Roar." He purposefully put the she-cat in charge, knowing she was wasn't too fond of lower-powered cats either. Besides, Fallenstar wouldn't take Stone Dust leading a patrol too kindly. "Ocean Breeze, you'll be on my patrol." While medicine cats usually didn't go on patrol, it wasn't unheard of. --iʋყ ιт'ѕ α мeтαpнor ☁ 19:16, July 17, 2014 (UTC)

Shining River walked beside his brother as the patrol set off. Cloud's Shadow nodded in the direction of Striped Ear. "Go ahead and do that." ~~ Cass simply nodded, and took off into the air to search the shore for Leopard's Leap. When he spotted her, he lowered himself to her level. "Fallenstar would like you, I, and one other cat for a border patrol," he told her. "Go to her, and I'll retrieve another cat." Setting off into the air again, he noticed Wind's Chaser dozing by the shore, and fluttered down to the ground and folded his wings. He stood over him, waiting, until Wind Chaser blinked open an eye and started. "What the -" "Fallenstar told me to find a cat for a border patrol, so you can come along." Ember the TitanMy guardian angel wears a trench coat 19:59, July 17, 2014 (UTC)

Leopard's Leap stood up. "Alright. Thanks for telling me Cass." She mewed to him before he left. She walked towards Fallenstar, feeling her complaints rising back into her mind as she neared the leader. She didn't say anything to him expect she nodded respectfully.

Tiger's Roar looked at Quick Mongoose. "When we goin'?" He asked, digging his claws into the ground, as he stretched. He cast a glance at Glinting Claws. He'd make a good choice as deputy. It wouldn't surprise me if Fallenstar chose him. --DarknessI am fighting for my life.. 01:48, July 18, 2014 (UTC)

"Are you leading this patrol, Cloud's Shadow?" War Cry hissed, feeling the fur along her spine rise a little. "Striped Ear can stay on the ground for now, until we reach open grounds."

Wind Chaser was on her paws, flattening a piece of fur on her chest with her tongue. "Alright, let's go," she yawned, her voice slow as she forced her tired limps to stand.

Quick Mongoose lazily raised her head from grooming her back. "We can go now, but we can make a quick stop at camp and eat first if you'd like," she meowed, the tip of her tail flicking back and forth as she waited for an answer. --iʋყ ιт'ѕ α мeтαpнor ☁ 06:42, July 19, 2014 (UTC)

Tiger shrugged. "I'm not that hungry but you can get something if you want." He swished his tail. --DarknessI am fighting for my life.. 18:37, July 19, 201 (UTC)

Cloud's Shadow merely glared at War Cry. "Alright then." ~~ Cass nodded, and unfolded his wings and took off back to Fallenstar. Ember the TitanMy guardian angel wears a trench coat 22:19, July 19, 2014 (UTC)

War Cry flicked her ear, but didn't say anymore as she lead the way to the old Twoleg Settlement. "Who do you think Fallenstar will choose as the new deputy?" Striped Ear wondered aloud, breaking the silence.

Wind Chaser felt water lapping at her back paws, sending shivers through her body. Joining Fallenstar a moment later, she took up the rear of the patrol, while Fallenstar lead them into the jungle. "You can fly ahead," Fallenstar meowed, turning to look at Cass. "We're going to the Horse Meadow, since rogues were scented around the area. If you see anything suspicious, come back immediately."

Flicking her tail, the dark brown she-cat ignored her empty belly. "We'll go now, then," she replied, forcing herself to her paws. Stone Dust didn't say a word, which was unusual, though he knew his opinion wouldn't really matter to many higher-powered cats. --iʋყ ιт'ѕ α мeтαpнor ☁ 22:51, July 20, 2014 (UTC)

"I dunno, maybe like Morning's Breeze or someone," Shining River responded. "She's pretty good at leading." ~~ Cass took to the air without replying, flying quickly away. Gazing below, he saw no sign of suspicious activity until he reached the Horse Meadow. He tilted his head and alighted down, taking cover behind a patch of undergrowth. There were two rogues in front of him. One was pure black, and the other a gray tabby. They were conversing quietly, and Cass had to strain his ears to hear them. Ember the TitanMy guardian angel wears a trench coat 00:32, July 21, 2014 (UTC)

"Morning's Breeze?" Striped Ear scoffed, his tail lashing. "Why would she make a good deputy? If she became leader, she'd lead us right into battle every time she had the opportunity." As the silver tom spoke, he made sure to brush against trees and undergrowth, leaving fresh IrisCla scent everywhere.

Avian lashed his tail, his bright eyes glinting with anger. "Clan cats!" he spat, forgetting for a moment to keep quiet. "I didn't think I'd ever come across Clan cats again." --iʋყ ιт'ѕ α мeтαpнor ☁ 23:32, July 21, 2014 (UTC)

Shining River shrugged, silently dismissing the tom's antagonistic tone. "It was just a suggestion. Heck, maybe I'd be deputy. Am I right?" He looked around, his grin fading as no cat cracked a smile. ~~ Sun's Eclipse sighed and narrowed her eyes, shifting them from side to side as she looked for eavesdroppers. "They're here, and there's nothing we can do about it. We'll need to gather more cats if we want to negotiate with them, just so we seem formidable." ~~ Cass raised his eyebrows. "Negotiating..." he murmured under his breath. Ember the TitanMy guardian angel wears a trench coat 02:43, July 22, 2014 (UTC)

Striped Ear flicked his ear, padding side-by-side with War Cry. "I'd say I have a decent chance," the silver tom meowed after a moment's pause.

Avian lashed his tail, but he knew the she-cat was right. They had been traveling for moons in search of the perfect home, and this place seemed like a tropical paradise. "What if they're not willing to? If they declare war, we're in no position to fight. We're still weak from the journey."

Hidden Sight carefully made her way through the undergrowth, following the trail Ocean Breeze had showed her. The medicine cat had only recently started letting Hidden Sight out by herself, and she was never supposed to leave the trail. Snorting, the she-cat lashed her tail. She knew Ocean Breeze meant well, but she wasn't entirely helpless. A few heartbeats later, she scented Fallenstar and a patrol. Leaving the path, she followed the scent trail until she heard the patrol's voices. Fallenstar, Wind Chaser, and Leopard's Leap. Bounding over, called out to get their attention. "Can I come along?" --iʋყ ιт'ѕ α мeтαpнor ☁ 20:33, July 23, 2014 (UTC)

Cloud's Shadow slid his eyes sideways, looking at Striped Ear. "Yeah, you'd make a good deputy," he replied. ~~ "Then we'd need to get away without a fight. If we simply ca't agree with them, then we just need to let it go and leave." ~~ Cass narrowed his eyes as he listened to the rogues' conversation. Deciding he had heard enough, he lightly bounded away and flapped his wings to rise into the air, and raced off in search of his patrol. Ember the TitanMy guardian angel wears a trench coat 21:17, July 23, 2014 (UTC)

Striped Ear couldn't help but swell with pride. A few heartbeats later, they were at the Twoleg Settlement. Old Twoleg objects were scattered everywhere, most of it broken or rotting. The IrisClan scent here was stale. "Leave your scent everywhere, and then we can stop by the Horse Meadow, just to check on everything. Rogues have been scented around the area lately," War Cry meowed, wrinkling her nose in disgust after smelling a shiny Twoleg object.

Avian flicked his tail. They were sitting right at the border, and he was sitting right on it, perhaps even a little over the border. Sighing, the winged tom shook his head. "We've traveled a long way to find a place like this. We shouldn't give it up without a fight. Who knows if we'll ever find another territory like this again?"

Fallenstar hesitated, then nodded. After a moment of silence, he realized the young she-cat couldn't see him, and he ducked his head in embarrassment. "Yes, but at the first sign of danger, climb up the nearest tree." Nodding, Hidden Sight happily bounded forward, nearly tripping over the undergrowth. Slowing down, she carefully followed Wind Chaser, making sure to keep alert. Glancing up, Fallenstar noticed Cass flying overheard. "Stop here," he ordered, waiting near the Horse Meadow border. Before the tom had a chance to land, Fallenstar caught the scent of strange cats, and close. Glancing around, he didn't see anything strange, until he noticed the absence of Hidden Sight. Frantically glancing around, he let his fur bristle. A heartbeat later, he heard a loud, bone-chilling yowl.

Avian stumbled back in surprise, blood gushing out of a cut on his flank. Hissing, he lashed out at his attacker, which was a younger she-cat. The two were nothing but a hissing, clawing ball of gray and tan fur. He was losing blood, and fast. Seeing his chance, he lunged for her throat, biting down hard until he tasted the tang of blood. A moment later, the she-cat was limp, her sightless blue eyes wide and her mouth twisted into a snarl.

(Sorry for the long post, but I wanted IrisClan to have a good reason to fight them~) --iʋყ ιт'ѕ α мeтαpнor ☁ 20:11, July 24, 2014 (UTC)

(No problem, after all, fighting for nothing isn't as good as fighting for a cause, am I right? xD)

Cass whipped his head towards the yowl, his tail bushing out. "We should go inspect that, Fallenstar," he growled. "It could be one of our own." ~~ Shining River bounded away, taking care to leave his scent on most everything he touched. Cloud's Shadow followed more slowly, meticulously leaving IrisClan scent on the brush. ~~ Sun's Eclipse stood to the side, calmly watching her second-in-command rain blows upon the strange she-cat. "And this what those other cats will receive if they decide to cross us..." she murmured to herself. Ember the TitanMy guardian angel wears a trench coat 00:46, July 25, 2014 (UTC)

(Yeah~ I figured it'd be pretty pointless to have them fight for no good reason.)

Fallenstar was already bounding away in the direction of the yowl, not even bothering to see if the others were following. He knew that scream. It was same scream he'd heard when he found Hidden Sight being chased away by her group. He stumbled into the clearing, skidding to a halt as he crashed into a black she-cat. After regaining his footing, the tom scanned the clearing, his eyes landing on the limp form of Hidden Sight. As he neared her, one sniff told him she was dead, and he started backing away, tucking his tail between his legs and flattening his ears. "You killed her!" he snarled, turning to the gray tom who was standing over her. --iʋყ ιт'ѕ α мeтαpнor ☁ 02:31, July 25, 2014 (UTC)

Cass and the other caught up, and he took a spot beside Fallenstar, his wings spread to their full length, trying for a menacing look. Sun's Eclipse gazed upon Hidden Sight's still body with mocking sorrow, and raised her eyes to meet Fallenstar's, not moving her lowered head. "Such a shame, for one to die so young." ~~ Cloud's Shadow stopped suddenly. He had the worst feeling in the gut, like something very bad was happening that moment. Shining River looked back, noticing his brother had stopped. "You okay?" "Uh, yeah," Cloud's Shadow answered, shaking his head a bit. "I just feel like something really bad's going on..." Ember the TitanMy guardian angel wears a trench coat 00:49, July 28, 2014 (UTC)

Fallenstar was stunned and furious at the same time. Did this she-cat not care that such a young cat, barley out of kithood, had just died at the paws of one of her allies? Avian was sitting beside the body, his face calm as though none of this was happening. He gave no hint that a cold stone had formed in his stomach, filling him with dread and grief. "She attacked me first. Was I supposed to sit there while she tried clawing my eyes out?" he spat, letting his fur bristle. Fallenstar was still furious, but he knew it wasn't smart to attack until he knew more about his enemy. After a long moment, he turned to Cass. "Help me carry her back to camp." Turning to face the black she-cat and winged tom, he spat, "This is not over." He would've liked to say more, but staying wasn't wise when they could attack at any moment.

War Cry snorted, but for once didn't say anything. "Let's get going. I don't think any rogue in their right mind would cross the border now that the scent's fresh." Leading the patrol away from the Twoleg Settlement, she followed the border toward the Horse Meadow. --iʋყ ιт'ѕ α мeтαpнor ☁ 06:11, July 28, 2014 (UTC)

Glistening Dew flicked her tail, sending a cascade of ice to encapture a feather in the air; she wanted to show her mentors that she could possibly use her ice power to deliver herbs and etc. if she practiced enough. Ember's Gleam was watching, amused when the younger she-cat would melt the ice around and find that the feather had a layer of frost on it- it wouldn't be any good if anything was frozen...

There was a sudden call, however, when Fallenstar and Cass returned to camp- "Swaying Leaves! Ocean Breeze!" She called for her mentors, skidding off towards the medicine den when she caught the scent of stale blood upon their return.  ᎮᏒᎧᏇᏝᏝᏬ ⓞ ֆǟʏ ɦɛʟʟօ ȶօ ȶɦɛ ֆʊռ ǟռɖ ȶɦɛ ֆȶǟʀֆ 01:36, July 29, 2014 (UTC)

Swaying Leaves immediately rushed out into the open, spotting Cass and Fallenstar. "What's happened?" ~~ Cloud's Shadow continued on, still feeling immense worry in his gut. What in the name of StarClan is wrong? Ember the TitanMy guardian angel wears a trench coat 05:26, July 29, 2014 (UTC)

"I could smell blood-" Glistening Dew hadn't even gone to check- Oh, what a great medicine cat. "I think someone's injured," ᎮᏒᎧᏇᏝᏝᏬ ⓞ ֆǟʏ ɦɛʟʟօ ȶօ ȶɦɛ ֆʊռ ǟռɖ ȶɦɛ ֆȶǟʀֆ 05:40, July 29, 2014 (UTC)

"You don't say," Swaying Leaves muttered to his fellow medicine cat, quickly padding towards the two who had just arrived. "So what happened?" "Hidden Sight is dead," Cass replied immediately. There was a silence, broken by Swaying Leaves, who commented, "Way to break the news, Cass." Ember the TitanMy guardian angel wears a trench coat 06:26, July 30, 2014 (UTC)

Glistening Dew's eyes narrowed as she flicked her tail, giving Swaying Leaves and Cass a scolding look. "Is anyone else on your patrol injured?" She questioned quietly, keeping her eyes off of the dead body in front of her. קг๏ฬllย • ι ωιℓℓ вє тнαт gяιм яємιи∂єя тσ нυмαиιту • 19:39, July 30, 2014 (UTC)

"I don't believe so," Cass answered, glancing at Fallenstar for confirmation. ~~ War Cry's patrol reached the Horse Meadow, and Cloud's Shadow's eyes widened at the blood splattered on the ground. "I knew something bad had happened," he muttered under his breath, his heart beating rapidly. Ember the TitanMy guardian angel wears a trench coat 20:45, July 31, 2014 (UTC)

"If anything is amiss, do come see us in the medicine den." She looked at Swaying Leaves, to figure out what to do next. She had never been in this situation, which might of been obvious, the way her fur stood on end and she was shaking slightly. קг๏ฬllย • ι ωιℓℓ вє тнαт gяιм яємιи∂єя тσ нυмαиιту • 03:30, August 1, 2014 (UTC)

Fallenstar shook his head. "No, no one else was injured," he answered, his voice tired and suddenly raspy, as though he was an elder. A heartbeat later, Ocean Breeze rushed out. She was carrying a bundle of herbs, but it was obvious that her face was twisted in grief. Since there were no elders, Glinting Claw's and Morning's Breeze padded over. It was their duty, as council members, to help the medicine cat prepare the body for the vigil, and later, the burial. Setting down her bowl of herbs, Ocean Breeze turned to Morning's Breeze. Since she had Telekinesis powers, she could easily carry the she-cat's body. "Bring her into my den," she meowed, turning to lead the way. ~~ War Cry sniffed the ground, her fur bristling. "We need to get back to camp. Now," she snapped. --iʋყ ιт'ѕ α мeтαpнor ☁ 05:17, August 2, 2014 (UTC)

Cass watched as the deathly still cat was carried off to the den, and he turned away to go to the warriors' den. ~~ Without any further words, she raced off, and the rest of the patrol followed. "How did you know?" Shining River asked his brother in wonder, and Cloud's Shadow shrugged. "I really don't know..." Ember the TitanMy guardian angel wears a trench coat 08:15, August 2, 2014 (UTC)

Morning's Breeze set the body down gently in the den, her eyes icily calm, watching as Glistening Dew slipped into the den, grabbing a parcel of soothing herbs- Cass and Fallenstar would need to calm down a bit; she grabbed a bowl and headed out of the den. She'd have to have War Cry heat up some water so she could get a nice brew going for the two to drink; hopefully she was still in camp.. Morning's Breeze looked at the body, nostrils flaring once or twice as they breathed in the earthy scent of death against the sweet smell of herbs. קг๏ฬllย • ι ωιℓℓ вє тнαт gяιм яємιи∂єя тσ нυмαиιту • 22:44, August 2, 2014 (UTC)

"Hey Cass?" The winged tom raised his head at the sound of Glistening Dew's voice. "Yes, Glistening Dew?" "I've come to give you some herbs that'll help relax you after all this," she explained, moving closer to where he was sitting. "Thank you, but I think I'm fine," he responded, lowering his head to rest it on his paws. ~~ War Cry's patrol returned to camp a few minutes after Hidden Sight's body was taken away, and as the cats dispersed, Cloud's Shadow remained by his brother's side. "What happened?" he asked to no cat in particular. Ember the TitanMy guardian angel wears a trench coat 23:13, August 2, 2014 (UTC)

"Hey," She flicked her tail, moving to sit down next to him, flicking her tail over his shoulders in an attempt to comfort him. "I'm sorry you had to go through all of this.. I'd like it very much if you'd at least have a bit of this, once it's made, just so I can be put at ease." Glistening Dew meowed quietly. Hopefully he'd agree, just so she wouldn't have to worry so much about the stress on his body, and they could focus on keeping him mentally fit. קг๏ฬllย • ι ωιℓℓ вє тнαт gяιм яємιи∂єя тσ нυмαиιту • 03:40, August 3, 2014 (UTC)

"I feel fine, but if you insist, then I will take some," Cass reluctantly agreed. ~~ "Let's ask someone instead of standing around like confused mouse-brains," Shining River meowed, and bounded over a short distance to Wind Chaser, with his brother following. "Hey there," he greeted her, touching her shoulder lightly with his tail-tip. Cloud's Shadow groaned and whispered, "Quit flirting and ask!" "So uh, what happened here today? We saw some blood over at the Horse Meadow..." Ember the TitanMy guardian angel wears a trench coat 21:15, August 3, 2014 (UTC)

War Cry followed closely behind the two toms, her eyes catching a sandy-colored tail-tip disappear into the medicine den with Ocean Breeze. "It was Hidden Sight's," Wind Chaser answered, looking up at the cats with sorrowful eyes. "She attacked a trespassing rogue, and he killed her." ~~ Ocean Breeze hurried away to the grab one of the wooden bowls she had made herself, this particular bowl full of water. "Do you know where Swaying Leaves is? I could use his help," Ocean Breeze asked, flicking her tail as she slowly dumped the water onto Hidden Sight's body, washing away most of the blood that stained her pelt. --iʋყ ιт'ѕ α мeтαpнor ☁ 06:55, August 6, 2014 (UTC)

"Oh..." Shining River was suddenly at a loss for words. Cloud's Shadow stepped up between them and gently nudged his brother away, "That's awful. Are we going to do anything about it?" ~~ Swaying Leaves happened to poke his head in the den that moment. "I heard my name," he meowed. "Do you need something?" Ember the TitanMy guardian angel wears a trench coat 05:10, August 7, 2014 (UTC)

"Yes, could you continue this for me?" the blue-gray she-cat asked, gesturing with her tail towards Hidden Sight's body. "I want to help Glistening Dew make sure Fallenstar and Cass are okay," she began padding away, though over her shoulder, she added, "I shouldn't be long." Not wanting to stay in the den any longer, Ocean Breeze quickly padded away. ~~ Fallenstar collapsed into his nest, the dull silence of his den somewhat comforting. Sighing, he already felt exhausted at the thought of a battle. But how could he let them get away with killing Hidden Sight without so much as a scratch? ~~ "I think the answer's obvious," War Cry meowed, still a little behind the two toms. "We need to find and attack the rogue. Rogues can't get away with killing one of our own, or they'll think they can do whatever they like to Clan cats." --iʋყ ιт'ѕ α мeтαpнor ☁ 05:02, August 8, 2014 (UTC)

"Sure thing," Swaying Leaves called after his fellow medicine cat, and padded up to the dead cat's body and spent a few moments simply looking down at her, something like regret welling up inside his gut. She still had so much to live for... ~~ Both toms turned their heads at the sound of War Cry speaking up. "Sounds like a plan," Shining River meowed, beginning to walk away towards Fallenstar's den. Cloud's Shadow sighed hurried to stand in front of him. "We are not going to tell him right now," he muttered. "He needs to rest and he might not even go through with the idea." Ember the TitanMy guardian angel wears a trench coat 23:00, August 8, 2014 (UTC)

Glistening Dew had managed to get the herbs heated after awhile, and made her way to Cass- once he had some, she headed towards Fallenstar's den. "Fallenstar?" She meowed quietly, pausing at the entrance, waiting for a reply. קг๏ฬllย • ι ωιℓℓ вє тнαт gяιм яємιи∂єя тσ нυмαиιту • 23:56, August 9, 2014 (UTC)

"But look! Glistening Dew's going to talk to him," Shining River protested, trying to peer over his brother's shoulder to no avail. "She's the medicine cat apprentice," Cloud's Shadow hissed. "She has a higher status than you and can go talk to Fallenstar whenever she needs to." Ember the TitanMy guardian angel wears a trench coat 01:51, August 11, 2014 (UTC)

Way Cry rolled her eyes. "Fallenstar can't hide in his den forever. Eventually he'll have to come out and deal with this. Once Glistening Dew is done, I say we go talk to him." ~~ Fallenstar raised his head, brought out of his daze by Glistening Dew's voice. "Come in!" he called, rising into a sitting position as he wrapped his tail around his paws. ~~ Ocean Breeze didn't notice her apprentice entering Fallenstar's den, so she bounded over to Cass. "Has Glistening Dew given you anything yet?" she asked, glancing at the tom's pelt for any wounds. --iʋყ ιт'ѕ α мeтαpнor ☁ 05:03, August 11, 2014 (UTC)

She waited for his reply, twitching her ears towards he conversation that included her name, exhaling through her nose as Fallenstar replied. "I'd really like it if you'd drink this," Glistening Dew said as she walked into the den, using a burst of ice to carry the cup of herbal water towards her leader. קг๏ฬllย • ι ωιℓℓ вє тнαт gяιм яємιи∂єя тσ нυмαиιту • 22:29, August 12, 2014 (UTC)

"I'm fine, I don't need it," he insisted, using his powers to move the bowl to the floor of his den. "What I do need is to organize a patrol to spy on the rogues." Flicking his tail, the ginger tom rose to his paws. --iʋყ ιт'ѕ α мeтαpнor ☁ 22:57, August 12, 2014 (UTC)

"Yes," Cass replied. He looked up from his meal and into Ocean Breeze's eyes. "She came by earlier to ask if I was all right, and insisted I take some medicine." ~~ "I'm in," Shining River meowed, stepping back from Cloud's Shadow. Ember the TitanMy guardian angel wears a trench coat 23:29, August 12, 2014 (UTC)

"I'd really like you to at least have a few drops," Glistening Dew insisted. "As your medicine cat apprentice- I'd really reccomend it." She was careful in her tone, keeping it respectful but trying for a tone that couldn't be argued with. Using her paw, she nudged it forward, looking down at it, up to him, with a little, go ahead motion. קг๏ฬllย • ι ωιℓℓ вє тнαт gяιм яємιи∂єя тσ нυмαиιту • 01:52, August 13, 2014 (UTC)

Fallenstar shifted back into a sitting position, a few drops of Hidden Sight's dry blood lingering on his shoulder. He supposed a little wouldn't hurt, and it might help calm him down for when he went to speak to the Clan. Using his powers, he lifted the bowl to his muzzle, and lapped at the cool mixture of herbs, which was surprisingly sweet, rather than the usual bitter taste. After a few more laps, he rose to his paws once again. "Thank you, Glistening Dew," he meowed, quickly licking his shoulder fur to get rid of the blood. "Will you tell Ocean Breeze and Swaying Leaves to stop by my den after the Clan meeting?" he asked, starting to leave his den. "I'd like to speak with them." ~~ "Alright. I just wanted to make sure," Ocean Breeze answered, her voice steady and solid rather than soft and motherly, like it usually was. --iʋყ ιт'ѕ α мeтαpнor ☁ 03:37, August 13, 2014 (UTC)

"Thank you for checking up on me," Cass told her, tilting his head slightly. "I assure you, I'll be fine." Ember the TitanMy guardian angel wears a trench coat 23:16, August 14, 2014 (UTC)

"Of course, Fallenstar." Glistening Dew nodded, looking satisfied after her leader had a few drops of the herbal water. She used the water in the bowl, effectively turning it into a thin layer of ice around the earth bowl, and lifted it with her as she walked back to the medicine den. "Swaying Leaves! Ocean Breeze!" קг๏ฬllย • ι ωιℓℓ вє тнαт gяιм яємιи∂єя тσ нυмαиιту • 03:57, August 18, 2014 (UTC)

(I'm really super sorry for not being active here ;-; I've been feeling really sick lately and all I want to do is sleep so that's what I've been doing and I have school and band sorry guys~ I will try my best to be more active here. c: )

Swaying Leaves turned his head at the sound of his name. "What do you need?" Ember the TitanMy guardian angel wears a trench coat 04:54, August 20, 2014 (UTC)

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