These are the rules that everyone must follow while roleplaying in order for everyone to have a good experience.


1. This is primarily a Warriors roleplay wiki. However, Erin Hunter's other series' (Seekers, Survivors, Bravelands) are allowed here, as well, but, again, this wiki mainly focuses on Warriors. Other animal roleplays are allowed, too, but only to a certain extent.
2. If you're going to roleplay with some else's character, then it must be a very minor action, just to keep the roleplay going. Also, if the owner of the character asks you to delete the part of your roleplay where you used their character, you must respect their decision.
3. Do not roleplay from another user's character's POV (point of view).
4. Never do something major such as getting a prophecy or sending a roleplay into battle without discussing it with the owner first.
5. Do not kill another user's character without their permission.
6. You must roleplay in paragraph form. Example: Tina moved swiftly through the trees, searching for her prey.
7. You may only create roleplay if you have permission from all three admins (Ivy, Owl, and Ember).
8. Don't randomly make family members for someone else's character without their permission.
9. Never curse unless it's in Warriors, Seekers, Survivors or Bravelands terminology.

If you see someone disobeying these rules or if you have a problem, contact Ivy, Ember, or Owl, the active admins.

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