These are the rules that must be followed when creating a fanfiction, so that every member can enjoy both writing and reading the stories in the wiki.


1. No cursing. This includes vulgar language and even the suggestion of a 'bad word'. (Dang, heck, mouse-brain, etc. are permitted)
2. Be nice. Don't give negative feedback on someone's story, but you may give suggestions on how to improve their fanfiction.
3. No sexual themes or suggestive dialog. Let's keep this wiki safe for everyone.
4. Do not steal other people's ideas. Say a user says an idea, and writes a story, and another user decides to write the same thing, but changes a few minor things. This will get you in trouble and your story deleted.
5. Always use proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling. Text-talk will not be permitted anywhere on the wiki, wether it be in the fanfiction or in chat.
6. Do not create any pages for your fanfiction characters. Only roleplay characters may have pages.
7. If you wish to make a fanfiction contest, make sure that it goes along with all the wiki rules.

If you see someone disobeying these rules or if you have a problem, then contact Ivy, Ember, or Owl.

See Also

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