The Warrior Cats Role Play Wiki is a roleplay wiki that focuses mainly on Erin Hunter's book series, Warriors. In order to keep the wiki safe and enjoyable, every member must follow the rules.


1. Never post any inappropriate images, words, or links. This is a child-friendly. After a warning, you will get a permanent ban from the wiki.
2. Respect every user. Personal attacks will not be tolerated here. You could get a permanent wiki ban.
3. If your character is not a cat, then you may use a real life image in their info box. However, if the picture was not taken by you, then you must give credit to whoever took the image.
4. Do not steal an image. If you don't own it, then don't post it unless you have permission from the owner.
5. Do not repeat links. It's considered spam, and there's really no need.
6. Do not edit another member's character page unless you're correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, the layout, family, or adding an approved charart.
7. Refrain from coming just to chat. If you're going to join this wiki, contribute!

If you have a problem or you see someone disobeying these rules, contact Ivy, Owl, or Ember, the active admins of the wiki.

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