Current: AutumnClan Past: None


Kit: Nightkit Apprentice: Nightpaw Warrior: Nightflight


Father: Firegrowl Mother: Snowpetal Brothers: Seabreeze, Horsepaw


Mentor: Whitewave Apprentice: None



Role Play

Role player: Sumwantin

General Infomation==


Nightflight is a short furred, sleek, charcoal-coloured she-cat with very long tail, a torn ear and a pair of dark blue eyes, just like sea.


Nightflight is a strict cat. She seldom tells jokes, but she likes to mock cats. Also, she has really fast talking speed. 


Before the role play

Nightkit, Seakit and Horsekit were born in a leaf-fall in AutumnClan. As the biggest kit in the litter, Nightflight took as a little bit bossy, and liked making games for Seakit and Horsekit to play. She became Nightpaw at a leaf-bare. She thought her mentor, Whitewave, was like, treating her as an idiot. She didn't like him, at all. However, Whitewave had a little bit love on her, but he didn't tell her, at all. Finally, Nightpaw became a warrior. Then she loved eating minnows, so she always hunted minnows. 

During the Roleplay

The first appearance of Nightflight is Ravenheart asking her ,"

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