This is where all the Gatherings will held. There will be a section for each Clans Gatherings. If there is currently a Gathering, it will say active, but there isn't one, it will say inactive.
In order for a Gathering to take place, the owners of the Clans must agree to have one. The owners of the Clans also decide when the Gathering is over.

WaterClan, NightClan, MoonClan, StormClan (Inactive)

Coming Soon.

IceClan, FireClan, CloudClan (Inactive)

Coming Soon.

WolfClan, FoxClan, BearClan (Inactive)

Coming Soon.

EagleClan, HawkClan

Coming Soon.

RainClan, SunClan (Inactive)

Coming Soon.

LionClan, TigerClan (Active)

Coming Soon!

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