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Current: MapleClan
Past: None
Names: Foxkit



Members: Mother: Brookflower


Brother: Fishleap

Mentor(s): Breezewhisker
Apprentice(s): None
Residence: Alive
Role-Player: Current role-player

Foxblaze is a tom cat with orange thick fur, black furry legs and a white chin. Kinda looking like a fox. 


Prior to MapleClan Roleplay:

Foxkit was born to Brookflower and Wolffang. He also had a sibling named Fishkit. When he was only a kit, he was secretly trained by his father Wolffang out of the camp, at night. His father was his biggest fear because if Foxkit didn't fight back, Wolffang would beat him until he did. His father never included Fishleap in he 'secret training', for he was always too sick. Foxkit grew up with an abusive father, and a sick brother. His only friend (at the time) was Mistkit, a small gray she-kit. 

Mistkit would play with him, and defend him from Shadowkit when he came around to bully him. One day, Mistkit found out about Foxkit's 'secret training' and told her mother about it, who told Foxkit's mother. When she found out, she question Foxkit, then told the leader about it when she found out it was true. Wolffang was banished but his last words were "I will find you Foxkit."

Foxkit soon after, became an apprentice, but he was more experienced then the rest, only because of his training. His mentor, Breezewhisker was shocked on how quick he learned things. But then Foxpaw told him why. Breezewhisker came to understand, and treated Foxpaw no different. He became a warrior, earning his warrior name Foxblaze, (which his name means: Fox (he looks like a fox) Blaze (He blazed through kithood even when his father beat him.) His brother also joined him in becoming a warrior, once he got better.

During MapleClan Roleplay:

None yet!


Mother: Brookflower

Father: Wolffang

Brother: Fishleap


  • He was beaten brutally by his father
  • He was an outstanding apprentice
  • He was treated no differentlly when Breezewhisker found out about his secret trainings with his abusive father.
  • He's bipolar


He's bipolar, so his personality varies from sweet to just plain rude.


"Daddy! Stop! Your hurting me!" ~ Foxkit to Wolffang when Wolffang beat him.

"My dad... well.. at night, he takes me out of the camp and fights me, beats me, but he tells me he's trying to make me a better warrior!" Foxkit to Mistkit in the Nursery

More coming soon!

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