This clan is owned by Riptideofthewolves! To join, leave a comment with the following information:

Name || Gender || Age

Please be descriptive. Here you'll describe the cat's pelt, eye color and personality! Maybe add a bit about the cat's history- it's your call.

Users with Cats in the Clan/Outside the Clan

Riptideofthewolves - Timberstar


ForestClan is locoated at the most thriving part of the forest. ForestClan warriors are incredible tree climbers and builders.

Clan Landmarks


The Center is where the Clan camp is at and where clan meetings are held. The center is the only part of the territory that isn't filled with trees. At the end of the Center sits a big rock known as the Speaking Rock. Dens surrond the Center. Directly north of the Speaking Rock is the leader's den and beside the leader's den is the deputy's den. The lea

Growth Patch

The Growth Patch is where the medicine cat den is located. Several planets grow and thrive in this area. To block the entrance of the medicine cat den, long vines cover the den. The den is walled with wood.

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