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Current: NightClan
Past: None
Apprentice: Echopaw
Mother: unknown Father: unknown
Mentor(s): Sweetberry
Apprentice(s): None
Residence: None
Role-Player: Frostyness

Echopaw is a fluffy silver tabby she-cat with white paws and dark green eyes. She is kind, very shy, nervous and gets scared quite easily


Before the Roleplay

Echopaw was born a single kit, her mother died while kitting. Soon after, her father was killed while hunting by a group of rogues. Echopaw grew up alone, which caused her to be very distant from the rest of the clan and feel as if no one really likes her and she will soon be left alone again.

Roleplay Appearances-

Echopaw is currently an apprentice of Nightclan, her mentor is Sweetberry. She is first seen outside of the apprentice den laying in the sun when Sweetberry calls her to go and train. On the way to the training grounds she meets up with Ripplepaw and they talk about the rogues. Echopaw worries that her clan might not be strong enough to defend against the rogues and she'll loose those closes to her, but her mentor soon reasures her that everything will be okay and the clan will win. While Echopaw is training with her mentor it start to rain and they run back to camp.

Echopaw lays down outside of the apprentice den, enjoying the feeling of the rain and the noises it makes, but she is soon called into the den by Ripplepaw. She walks into the den freezing cold and curls up as tight as she can to try to stay warm. The other apprentices agree that it is cold in the den and they set out to go get moss to repair the den. While they were out looking for moss, they encounter a badger and they begin to fight it, the badger flee's once noticing that it was out numbered and no one is left with any serious injurys.

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