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Current: Greenleaf Kittypets
Past: MoonClan
Mate: Autumnmeadow (formerly)
Mentor(s): None
Apprentice(s): Silentpaw (formerly)
Residence: None
Role-Player: Current role-player

Claudandus is a massive, battle-scarred, elderly gray tom with a clouded, blind, pale blue left eye. He has two gold earrings dangling from his nicked ears, as a reminder of his terrible past. His fur is very short, but also very thick, so when he was a Clan cat, he had no trouble staying warm during the cold moons.


Claudandus is very loving towards his owner, a kind female Twoleg kit, but cats are a completely different story. He is very short-tempered and snappy towards the other kittypets, but they often come to him when they want information about any cat in the neighborhood or a Clan cat. He is often teased by the newer, younger kittypets, because of his eye and age, but he quickly puts them in their place with either his sharp words or fearsome looks. With as many battle-scars he has and his size, he can be pretty scary. He also enjoys being in his garden, and at times even explores a bit beyond it, though he doesn't go far into the forest, in fear of meeting a MoonClan patrol.


Before the Roleplay

Claudandus was born to two unknown kittypets, along with his two unnamed sisters. As a very young kit, he was adopted by two Twolegs who, at first, were very loving owners. Sadly, the female Twoleg passed away, and Claudandus begun being mistreated by the male Twoleg. He was starved and tortured, and eventually escaped after his Twoleg pierced his ears.
He lived his life as a loner for nearly two years, until he stumbled upon MoonClan territory. They accepted him, and he became a very respected warrior with Autumnmeadow as a mate. Unfortunately, after Duskstar became leader, Autumnmeadow was killed for rebelling against him, and Claudandus was chased out. He grieved for his lost mate, but carried on, and found his way to the Twolegplace. A kind female Twoleg kit took him in, and asked her parents to keep him. They agreed, and he's been living with them ever since.

Roleplay Appearances

Claudandus has yet to appear in the role-play.



Autumnmeadow (deceased)


Two Unnamed Kits (alive)


  • Claudandus still believes in StarClan, and will go there when he dies.
  • Cats who need information about any cat, Clan cat, kittypet, or stay, go to Claudandus for information.
  • He is based on Ivy's deceased cat, Claudandus.

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