Character Page Layout (Updated)
Current: Current Group
Past: Past Groups
Example: Example Cat
Members: Unknown
Mentor(s): Unknown
Apprentice(s): Unknown
Residence: Unconfirmed
Role-Player: Current role-player

General Information


Describe your cat here. Physical traits only.


Describe your cat here, personality-wise.


Before the roleplay:

(This is just a bit of background information. Please fill it out with at least four sentences, even if your cat has no outstanding background- it's good to know about your cat's past!)

During the roleplay:

(This is what's gone on the roleplay. While this doesn't have to be updated on the daily every time something goes on in the roleplay, it's good to know about the important things, like kits, big Clan news- only the important stuff should go here.)

Advanced Information


(Here, expand on your cat's mental and physical health. While you don't have to be quite detailed, it is required you fill this out with at least two sentences.)


(Please list their outstanding warrior skills, or what your cat lacks in! It's good for your cat to have flaws; don't be scared to list a few; nobody is gonna think less of your character because they can't hunt, or they have a tough time with their claws in a fight!)



(Please list all family members under history; it's optional, but you can add a few sentences on their relationship with your cat, whether it be past-relationships and whatnot. Any characters not immediate family (like mother, father, kits, mate, etc.) will be below!)

Love Interests:

(List cats here that might be possible or past love interests with your cat! You can expand on their interactions here with a few sentences, as well. It's up to you!)


(Friendships are a great thing! Any cats who are close friends within the Clan/group with your cat should be listed here- you can go ahead and place minor friendships in here as well. Past and present.)


(Any cat that is your own's enemy needs to be listed here. You can, again, expand on their interactions or past in a few sentences. It's up to you!)



  • Here, use bullet points to throw up some interesting trivial pieces about your cat; whether it be something about the cat being like one you know in real life, or just something about them that wasn't talked about above!

Memorable Quotes

"Quotes are a great thing. So, here, you can list quotes from your cat that come from the roleplay!

Art Gallery

  • Add a Gallery here to show off art of your character! Make sure you get it approved.

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