Author: Emberstar23


Book Titles: Whole (More coming soon!)


I've been having this idea for some time now, really, ever since I read the Power of Three series. The idea came to me and I just had to write it down somewhere. Hope you like!


I was only a young kit then. Impulsive. Mouse-brained. Always getting into trouble. I didn't have many friends.

But the one friend I did have... She was my whole life. She was always kind to me, and was always there for me. I felt like I was never good enough for her.

We were always together, inseparable... Until he came.

I think it's best for you if I started my story when I was a youth. You'll understand more: my happiness, my love, my heartbreak, my depression. And eventually, my death.

I just hope that my experiences never befall you. For they would break you as they did me.


"Look, look! He's finally opened his eyes!" I heard a voice coming from beyond the blurry haze that was my vision.

"He has," a softer, sweeter voice meowed. As my vision cleared, I found myself gazing into the eyes of a beautiful ginger she-cat. Her ice-green eyes were kind and warm.

I managed to let out a tiny meow, and the ginger she-cat wrapped her tail around me. "Nightkit, this is your brother, Stormkit." She tilted her head toward a well-built tom.

"He's so small!" Another she-cat, an equally pretty golden one, peered into my nest.

"Careful, Sunstem. He's newborn," my mother warned her.

The cat named Sunstem took a step back, and beckoned two other kits to her. "This is Tallkit," she mewed, gesturing her tail to a dark brown tabby tom. I looked up at him. His mother wasn't kidding when they named him Tallkit, I thought.

"And she's Dawnkit." A small golden she-kit who looked exactly like Sunstem stepped forward and meowed, "Hi!"

I thought my mother and Sunstem were pretty; this she-cat took my breath away. I was only a kit then, but I thought she was the most beautiful cat in the world. 

More coming soon!

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