Welcome to the Ancients of the Woods! This role-play is owned by Ivy. To join, fill out the form below and ask in the comments ;;

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This is where the cat's appearance, personality, history (optional), and any other additional details will go. If I feel your cat is perfect, or the description is too short, I will ask you to change it.

News & Announcements

Currently none.


The Ancients of the Woods, or, as they are generally called, the Woodland Dwellers, are a Clan of cats who live in a valley. It's secluded, with other cats very rarely finding their way to the Clan's territory. While little threat comes from other cats, there is one, huge threat: Haast's Eagles.
These cats may seem completely ordinary at first, but don't be fooled. While some of the cats here may seem sweet and unthreatening, you wouldn't want to meet them in battle. The Woodland Dewellers are trained to be killers. Now, while they don't simply attack every single animal that comes along, if they feel even the slightest but threatened, most cats would not hesitate to attack. Many call this unnecessary, and say that their cats shouldn't be trained to be so cruel to outsiders, but most haven't lived here long. With Haast's Eagles constantly on the hunt, as well as other dangers, they can't afford to let their guard down.

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